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Configuring .NET Core Application to use an AWS Named Profile

April 08, 2021 blog aws .net core s3

Creating a .NET Core Application to consume authentication tokens stored in an AWS Named Profile. Read More

Moving a folder between two git repos

February 11, 2021 blog application development git

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Building an Excel Document with CSharp and OpenXML

February 10, 2021 blog application development C# OpenXML Excel

How to build an Excel document with C# and OpenXML Read More

Version deployments with S3 and CloudFront

December 04, 2020 blog aws devops continuous delivery blue/green s3 cloudfront

Read about how to accomplish versioned deployments with CloudFront and S3... Read More


August 21, 2020 work from home busylight

So in this new era of working from home all the time my family asked a very important question... Read More