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Website Update

Building a website with Hugo #

The old website was dated and never “finished” to the point where I could post regularly. It was just too hard with angular. I had been looking for easy ways to post with markdown and over the months heard about Jekyll and Hugo. After doing some research, Jekyll was a little more than I wanted to tackle and Hugo looked like a good entry point. After spending about 2 days on it I ended up with what you see here.

As of this post, Hugo is at version 0.70. I didn’t have any reason not to use the latest so here we are.

I settled on a simple blog theme called Hugo-Coder with not a lot of imagry. I would love to have a lot of images on the site, but frankly I just don’t have the time to take, curate and post that kind of thing. I didn’t like the way the font on the body was rendering, so I cusomized it with my own css. The process was straightforward and I followed this post

Since I wanted to be able to “just write” and post, I set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline following these instructions from AWS

Code pipeline proved to be a bit tricky since the theme is a submodule. The way CodePipeline works is it just copies your files, it doesn’t initialize a git repo on the docker container. The pipeline was generating artifacts, but I was seeing Hugo errors in the output. Thankfully I found this little hint that proved to work nicely.

The site for several years has been hosted with AWS in an S3 bucket and I’m planning on fronting with AWS CloudFront in the near future.