Command Line Fun

So recently I’ve been doing more with the command line and I’ve needed to become more efficient and proficient. Scott Hanselman has a great set of blog posts covering the customizations he has made for windows terminal. He’s done a great job (as usual) so I won’t repeat what he has done, but I have followed these posts closely and have customized my configuration to meet my own needs.

I use windows terminal at work and it is great, but when I’m working on this website or other personal projects, I’m working on a MacBook. I haven’t loaded powershell on my MacBook as I haven’t really had the need, but I do use iTerm2. Wouldn’t you know, but oh-my-posh works with both iTerm2 and Windows Terminal so I’m able to take advantage of the same oh-my-posh configuration in both environments. This is nice as it makes the interface consistent between systems.


Here is the code for my oh-my-posh configuration

It is a tribute to my alma mater Virginia Tech. The colors I use are taken from their branding guidelines.

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