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reInvent 2021

When navigating reInvent, especially for the first time, you need a checklist to make your experience enjoyable. Here is a list of things I’ve found helpful as I approach my third trip to Vegas for reInvent.


  • reInvent App loaded with your schedule
  • Confirmation email with your QR code for registration

Personal Care

It is really dry in Vegas this time of year, well probably all year round since it is in the desert, so the following are pretty important.

  • Travel humidifier
  • Lotion
  • Water bottle, STAY HYDRATED!
  • Earplugs - the rePlay party/event usually has a musical performer and it can get quite loud if your hearing is sensitive. I also use them at night to help me sleep in the hotel room. It blocks out those unfamiliar noises of a new location like the AC/Heat, people in the hallway late at night, etc.


  • Portable Charger
  • Computer and power supply
  • Tablet (if you use one)


  • Extra bag (or space) for your swag
  • Hotel confirmation - This tripped me up the first year. There was a problem with billing my corporate credit card and the hotel didn’t have my reservation. Fortunately, some of the marketing partners had emailed me with confirmation codes and they ended up giving me a room.
  • Flight or Travel information


  • Jacket for outside in the morning and evenings. It can get chilly in Vegas in late November, early December.
  • Sweatshirt or sweater for the conference sessions. The AC can make it chilly inside.
  • Walking shoes…trust me, you walk…A…LOT!
  • Gym/workout clothes if exercise is part of your daily routine. You may want to adjust though, see my previous point.


  • Business Cards or QR code to quickly exchange contact info

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